Pastor Bud Makus

Bud Makus - Lead Pastor

Bud has served the church in ministry for over 4 decades.  He just celebrated 35 years at Alliance Bible Church.  He and his wife, Sheila, will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in August.  They know the challenges of building a lasting marriage.  In that time they have raised 3 children to adulthood and understand the highs and lows of parenting.

Bud is rarely found without a good book or a good friend near him.  

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Sue Morse

Sue Morse - Communications and Finance Director

When asked where she grew up, Sue usually says “Everywhere.”  She was raised in an Air Force family and then married an Air Force man.  She and Eric have been married for 30 years.  They have traveled the world and finally settled here in Hillsboro in 2000.  They have been attending Alliance since 2011.  

Sue loves ministry and getting involved in the lives of other people and loving them for Christ.  Missions are very important to her and she is always willing to go anywhere God calls her.  She can have her suitcase packed in less than an hour and is up for any adventure.

She is one of the minority in the Pacific Northwest, coffee is not her caffeine of choice, but loves a good cup of tea.  She can be bribed with a chai latte of any size.

Debbie Stephens

Debbie Stephens - Ministry and Connections Director

Debbie has attended Alliance churches for 43 years in Montana and Oregon. She has been at Alliance Bible Church for 25 years. Married to Dan for 36 years, they have raised 2 kids and now have been blessed with 3 amazing grandchildren.

Debbie loves God, coffee and books – in that order.