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6-18-2017 Series 6-18-2017

Paul was Timothy's Spiritual father. Pastor Bud discusses how…

5=28-2017 Good News Series 5=28-2017 Good News

Because of what Christ did for us, we have assurance of our Salvation.…

6-4-2017 A Vehicle for Disciple Making Series 6-4-2017 A Vehicle for Disciple Making

Pastor Bud talks about how important it is to be a part of a…

Growing Up in Christ Series Growing Up in Christ

Pastor Bud discusses how to live a life worthy to say, "be imitators…


A Father's Day Message


The Good News


The Vehicle for Disciple Making


Growing Up in Christ


Let Your Light Shine


Running The Race

Run the race to win.

Suffer the Little Children

Samuel Schreiner shares from Mark 10:13-16

Exalt the Name of the Lord

Exodus 3:13-15 - Exalt the Name of the Lord

So That You May Become Rich

Become rich in Christ instead of this world.

Pick up Your Cross

Luke 9:23-24 is the text for the message - Take up your cross and follow me.


Three times this year we will hear how we can be good stewards with our time, money and talent.

Jesus Led a Small Group

Pastor Bud gives reasons we want to be a Small Group Church, not a Church with Small Groups

Seeing Jesus Through the Revelation to John

Look at Revelation and see Jesus, our Coming King

Personal Growth Plan for 2017

Hear how you can make a difference in your personal growth and your spiritual growth in just need a plan.

Seeing Jesus through the lens of the Gospel of Matthew

Walk through the first chapters of the Gospel of Matthew and look at the birth of Christ and how this wondrous event affected so many.

Looking at Jesus through the Lens of The Gospel of Luke

Walk through the Gospel of Luke and highlight Jesus' life, ministry, and sacrifice.

Spiritual University - 2016

Three nights with Morris Dirks. He shows us in Scripture how God commands us to build up the inner self to make the outer self more producti

Seeing Jesus Through the Lens of the Gospel of Mark

We will navigate through the Gospel of Mark to discover a clear picture of who Jesus was!

Seeing Jesus through the Lens of the Gospel of John

Discover Jesus through the Gospel of John

Seeing Jesus through the Lens of 1st Peter

Jesus is interwoven through the entire story of the Scriptures. We will be focusing on the person of Jesus in the book of 1st Peter

They Almost Missed it. How the Christmas Story Almost Went and Still Goes Unseen

Don't miss out on what God is doing in your life! Develop a life that knows, understands and responds to God in your life!

Through Thick and Thin

a 2 month look at the book of 2 Thessalonians

Vision, Mission, Values

A month long look at our vision, mission, and values.

Remarkable Conversations

From the simple words of passers by to an intimate conversation with a best friend, words matter. There are very few moments that can be as powerful as…

God's Healthy Household

Learn what it means to be involved in healthy, intentional relationships.