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12/3/2017 Playing the Long Game Series 12/3/2017 Playing the Long Game

When the period of wandering ended, the people of Israel, under…

11/5/2017 A Life Plan Series 11/5/2017 A Life Plan

What do you want to be remembered for? Do you have a life plan?…

11/19/2017 Think Strategically Series 11/19/2017 Think Strategically

Like Esther of the Bible, we need to have a plan and think strategically…

11/12/2017 Faith in Action Series 11/12/2017 Faith in Action

Rahab made decisions that were both strategic and brave and affected…


Making Wise Decisions

The choices we make can affect those around us.

The Good Shepherd

A good shepherd will provide care, affirmation and training for the small group they are leading.

Winners & Losers

To win you must have the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, you lose.

Why Did God Save You

God had a purpose in rescuing you - to conform you to Jesus Christ. Romans 8:28-29

The War for Truth

We need to know our Bibles very well if we are going to be able to stand up for the truth! We need to become "Mighty in the Scripture".

Time is Running Out

Time is Running Out - The time to live a holy life is now!

Reaching the Next Generation

Associate Pastor Candidate Wayne Wrzesinski speaks about how important it is to invest in the life of young people.

A Temporary Assignment

Pastor Bud speaks about where our treasure should be....not in earthly things, but in the heavens where God is.

Don't Lose Heart

If we have the right mindset we will not lose heart - we must have an eternal perspective.

Be Patient

God is the most patient person in the universe...Pastor Bud shows through Scripture how important patience is for us.

The Lamb of God

The Lamb of God opens the 7 seals

A Father's Day Message

A relationship with men can make a big difference in our lives

The Good News

Because of what Christ did for us, we have assurance of Salvation. That is Good News!

Growing Up in Christ

Learning how to live a Watch Me Life.

Seeing Jesus Through the Revelation to John

Look at Revelation and see Jesus, our Coming King

Spiritual University - 2016

Three nights with Morris Dirks. He shows us in Scripture how God commands us to build up the inner self to make the outer self more producti